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Moonlight Angel by Soldiers-of-Legacy

Well, this is my first critique, so here I go! Well, overall you did pretty awesome with this piece of work. The colors blend well and ...



James Herin post Galactic War by dragonguilders
James Herin post Galactic War
Well, this is that same art app, but when you get an account, you can use layers O: Anyways, this is August Herin's ancestor. Enjoy!
doodle on phone by dragonguilders
doodle on phone
yeah, so this is what happens when you actually try to use your phone for art, lol. actually, it didn't turn out as bad as I thought it would, heh. Anyways, enjoy!
random sketch of random dragon by dragonguilders
random sketch of random dragon
Well, I drew this on my phone using an app. It was pretty cool, so I went ahead and decided to post it here. Again, I did this randomly, and on a phone, so yeah, lol.
Brotherly Partners

The crisp autumn air of the Illumina Forest was stirred up by a spontaneous breeze.  The leaves were starting to turn into their usual blood red color that made the Illumina Forest unique.  The whine of horses echoed through the trees, scaring all other forest creatures to silence.  They weren’t scared of the horses, but of the marauder party that were carried upon their backs.  These marauders were a group of traitors that had deserted the army and ran around the Kingdom of Imonia, raiding villages and plundering towns.  There were a good number of them, nigh on 100, but this particular party only held ten men.  At the head was a very large man.  He probably stood at about 7 feet high, and wore black armor.  He also had black hair and brown eyes, but was clean shaven, revealing a litter of scars across his face.  He was the captain of this raiding party, and second in command of their marauder group, which was being called “The Fallen Templar”.  They had just gotten through with raiding a defenseless village that bordered the Illumina Forest.  They boasted loudly on how the men and women were defenseless before their captain Kirklan the Giant and how no man can match his strength.
A couple of twigs snapped in the trees above the group.  None of them paid any heed to it, because they were sure none would dare mess with a group of Fallen Templar.  Before they knew what happened, ten arrows flew and killed each horse instantly, throwing off their riders with a last kick of defiance as they fell towards the ground.  Nine of the marauders fell face first into the dirt road, but Kirklan stayed upright and landed on his feet with a soft thud.  The commotion threw up a dust cloud that cut off all visibility to the marauders.  As the cloud settled, the silhouettes of 5 elves appeared around the group, wearing only light plate armor and bandanas covering their faces.  They had their swords drawn and shields protecting their slim frames.  Kirklan looked and laughed at the small group.

“I suppose that you’re here to rob us of our plunder, eh?  Well, it won’t be that easy.  I am Kirklan the Giant, a captain of the Fallen Templar.  My men are the best fighters I’ve found.  Your puny swords won’t be able to touch a hair on their chins.”  Kirklan gave out a bellowish laugh and the other men joined him.  “Besides that fact, there are half as many as you as there are of us.  What chances have you against my men, let alone me?”  As he stated this, he felt a sharp pain in his leg and he was felled face first into a mud puddle before him.  From the trees jumped out and landed a human of average height.  He wore a red bandana, black pants, a dark green shirt, and brown vest.  His hair was the same whiteness as the moon.  He was also chewing on a piece of wheat grass.  In between the fingers of his left hand were two stiletto throwing knives.

“I’m glad to see that you’ve already fallen for me.”  The man with white hair said to Kirklan with a big smile on his face.  Kirklan quickly scrambled up to his feet and pulled out the stiletto that had somehow melted through his armor and pierced his tendon underneath, but he somehow was able to walk.

“What kind of fool are you to challenge me in such a matter?  And you’re blind.  Do you not know who I am, and do you not know that you can’t fight me blind and be expected to live?”  He chuckled and roared with anger at the same time.  It was a feat and sent visible shivers down the other marauder’s backs.

“Well,” the blind man said calmly but amusingly at the same time.  “I am Slyl Myhrz, man for hire.  These elves are members of my company.  We have been hired by the local magistrate to bring him your sword.  Now, this can either be with you all alive, or slaughtered where you stand and your bodies brought to him as well.  Either way I will get my money.”  This amused Kirklan to the point of genuine laughter, which he hadn’t had in a long time.

“That is harder than you think lad.”  He responded.  Then as one he and his men jumped at their foes, and a brawl went underway. Before he knew it, Kirklan was on the ground again, a splitting headache coursing through his skull.  He looked around to see that his men were already dead and that none of Slyl Myhrz’s men had taken even a scratch.  He looked up at Slyl Myhrz and asked “What are you?”

Slyl Myhrz gave a grin.  “I’m your doom.”  Kirklan saw with horror as red magical energy formed around his opponent’s hand and that was the last thing he saw before the world went dark.

*   *   *

There were many things that Slyl wasn’t, and that was a fool.  He always had things in his favor.  That is the reason why he chose to be in the company of elves who were tired of killing their own brethren in a pointless civil war.  Elvenia and Elfnomina were the only two Elf kingdoms in the world, and they couldn’t get along.  Elfnomina broke off from Elvenia a while ago, and Elvenia ever since had wanted to re-unite their people, despite the circumstances that Elfnomina pointed out were the reasons for a split.  The mixture of his party is about half and half, a one to one ratio of elves that came from each side.  But because of their experiences, they were some of the best fighters in the Western World.

It was also the reason why he monitored his foes for days on end to know exactly how they will react.  Just like what he did with Kirklan.  Even with the information he had gathered from the regional magistrate, he felt that he needed to know Kirklan on a more personal note, which is why they chose to jump him as they did.  

The final thing is that he chose the easy way to accomplish his job.  He and his company of mercenaries are about 25 strong, including him.  However, he only brought 10 with him, and 5 of them were his best archers that knew his subtle cues.  They were always in sync in their actions.  But the best part about a small company is that everyone acted like the brothers he never had.  They now had to bring the corpses to the wagon which they had prepared to take the ten pieces of evidence to Magistrate Ilyn, who had hired them to bring him these particular members of the Fallen Templar.  Slyl knew that Ilyn wanted them alive, but he also knew that Kirklan wouldn’t have allowed himself to be brought in alive.  As far as Slyl saw it, it was the best of both worlds.  He didn’t have to feed them or waste rope, and Kirklan still held his pride.  It was a win-win.  Ilyn promised at least a month’s worth of gold for each member of his company.  He was to pick them up at their camp before heading over to Magistrate Ilyn’s estate.  As they rode, one of the elven swordsmen took his mask off and smiled.  

“I bet that the great oaf Kirklan didn’t see a half-mystic half-human being around these parts.  And I can’t believe that the Fallen Templar have not heard of you as of yet.  I mean, that has been most of our missions lately have been taking out Captains and Lieutenants of that marauder group.”   The elf swordsman chuckled nonchalantly as he kicked his feet onto the corpses in the wagon.

“Just remember Torrín that is to our advantage.  As long as Slyl isn’t feared by these slugs, they’re easier to take down.”  Archile, an elf from the Kingdom of Elfnomina with a half burnt face, said to his fellow elf, who happened to be his younger brother.  They were actually princes of the kingdom, and the two eldest of the current King, but from what Slyl could gather, they were going after something called “The Dragon Lilly”, which is said to be the most beautiful flower in all of Archadia.  But Slyl wasn’t concerned about that.  He was more concerned about getting back to camp.

“Archile, loosen up why don’t you?  I knew all of that.  I’m just surprised that they don’t cringe when they hear about us.  The general public is calling us ‘The Sure Fighters, those who protect the weak and take down the unjust.’  I even heard one farmer say that we were sent by the Dragon Gods to take out the Fallen Templar.  I just think that sooner or later they themselves are going to catch wind, especially since the leader’s number two guy is now dead.”   Torrín said to his brother.  Slyl knew that he made a good point.  The mysterious leader of this marauder group sprung up from nowhere and started recruiting soldiers who abandoned their fellow soldiers.  Slyl has heard from the groups that they’ve taken out that he’s called “Inqubin”, which in the ancient language of Mystic meant “Sorcerer” or “Soul Weaver”.  Whatever the case, this Inqubin will eventually have to meet with Slyl himself, and when he does, he will be smitten into the earth by Slyl’s own hand.

“Slyl, you’re hand’s bleeding again.”  One of the elven archers said to him.  He looked at his hands and he had dug his nails into his hands and he had drawn blood.  He didn’t even realize that he had gotten that angry.  He didn’t even know when he started getting angry at this Inqubin, for he had not wronged anyone he knew that he knows of.  Yet every time he thinks about him, he takes upon himself rage.  He quickly said a quiet healing spell and a surge of red energy went through his blue-tinted body.  He noticed how his magical energy over the past century or so has changed from a dark blue tint like that of other Mystics that had visited him, to this red color, which was shocking because as far as he knew, there was no such thing as red magic.  It only alarmed him the first time his magic slowly transitioning from the potent moon energy to this less potent but perpetual magical energy.  He should ask his mother down in Dracöchen and ask her about it.  He hadn’t seen her in a decade, but they wrote to each other constantly, thanks to their shared magical abilities.  “Are you alright Slyl?”  It was the elven archer again.  He simply looked into the elf’s face and smiled.

“I am, thank you brother.”  Brother was how Slyl addressed all of the elves in his company.  He personally didn’t have a name for the company, but that isn’t what mattered.  When they arrived at the camp, the other 14 were already on their horses and had the camp picked up and put away.  “Ready to ride I see.  I like that.”  Slyl said, clasping his second in command, who is Anoron.  Anoron used to be an Elvenian general, but he, too, grew sore of the bloodshed of his brethren and decided to go out on his own.  In fact, he and Slyl were the first of their little band to meet up and fought side by side ever since.  They met in the little town of Dracöchen where his mother now resides helping the Dracomancer immigrants with healing and building their village up.  Slyl and his mother used to travel around with his father’s relatives in Imonia, where Slyl learned more about magic from his mother and learned how to throw knives from his Uncle Kynder.  Soon enough they arrived at a little village along the Great River, which is a river that was as wide as a lake, but it flowed like a river.  It was a definite popular place for fishing villages to pop up.  This one seemed to be comprised of only Dracomancers who immigrated to Imonia because it was an order from their King to try and spread out the Dracomancer race to more than just one kingdom.  His entire family wanted to stay and help out these Dracomancers, and so Slyl stayed around until he grew to be 30, and that’s when Anoron showed up.

Anoron was just a couple of years older than he was, but they didn’t mind.  They became good friends and then decided to head out to find more people together.  Anoron was a master swordsman and he was a master knife thrower and magic user.  They spent their time being hired out by local sheriffs to take down crime bosses and also teaching each other about themselves.  Slyl even taught Anoron how to use magic, which he surprisingly never learned as a young trainee.  Now they were both adept fighters and were the leaders of other warriors, and their current project is taking down the Fallen Templar.  Even though elves lived longer than humans and dwarves, they still weren’t immortal like those of Mystic Blood, and Anoron was starting to show some of his age.  Despite this, Anoron still smiled at the joke and gave a hearty laugh.

“Ah yes, I have mustered the troops up, even though they didn’t find riding with corpses a pleasant idea, they disliked being left behind even more, so they packed up and have been ready since this morning.”  Anoron sneezed and rubbed his nose with irritation.  “Now may we go?  The Illumina Forest always gets my allergies going during the fall.”
“As you wish, my friend,” Slyl said.  With that, the group of them rode off towards the Magistrate’s estate.

Later that night they made another camp just outside of the manor that the Magistrate took up residence.  The 25 men sat around a campfire and sang the songs of their heritage.  Slyl sat uneasily on his log.  He couldn’t help but feel as if there was something off that was going on, and yet it seemed so familiar to him.  When prodded about his feelings, however, he just brushed the feeling aside and joined in the merriment until the feeling would wash over him again.  He soon went out for a walk on his own.  He barely went thirty feet around the corner of the estate wall when he ran into a female elven archer.  The two stumbled and fell over each other with a loud banging of heads and familiar snap of arrows.

“OUCH!”  Slyl exclaimed in in pain.

“THIOL!”  The elven archer interjected in her native language.  They then looked and saw their awkward positioning and quickly tried to scramble off of each other.  It wasn’t too successful as their legs became intertwined, pulling them on top of one another once again.  This time they both gave an awkward laugh and slowly got to their feet, this time making sure that they wouldn’t fall all over each other again.

“I’m sorry; I should have been watching where I was going.”  Slyl stated with a calm composure.  However the archer shook her head as if she had just come out of a stupor.

“Who are you, and where am I?”  She asked in a stunned and shocked voice.  Her hand was apparently reaching down for a dagger hidden in her jerkin, where Slyl didn’t want to know; neither did he want to find out.

“I’m Slyl Myhrz, I’m a friend.  You’re at Ilyn’s manor.  You have nothing to worry about.”  As he finished his sentence, the female archer pulled her hand out, retracting a map instead of the supposed dagger.  She then unrolled it and started to look at it in the dim moonlight.

“Ilyn’s manor you say?  Is that near Illumina Forest?  Oh Yishtan that’s not good.  That is a far ways off from my course to the Unchartable Mountains.”  The young elf amused Slyl as she talked to herself out loud.

“What are you looking for in those cursed mountains?  That is no place for one as young as you.”  That was when the young archer took a real good look at Slyl.

“What does it matter to you blind one?  You can’t even see my face, and how would you know of my age?”  She then looked back at her map.

“Well for one thing, I may be blind, but I can still see your face.  Secondly, I am 180 years old and still very young myself.  Compared to me, you are a newborn.  And as for your first question, it matters to me because you have been following my company for the past 3 days hoping to steal some food.”  Slyl paused for a moment as the young archer immediately brought her attention back up to him, apparently forgetting all about her quest.  “I know this because, well, I’m magic.”  He joked as he felt his smile grow wide.

“What do you mean by magic?”  She asked curiously.  “Are you an elf wizard?”

“Oh no, no, nothing like that.  Besides, that doesn’t concern you.  What should be concerning you is that you shouldn’t be sneaking around.  And also you haven’t answered me my question.  What interests have you for the Unchartable Mountains?”  The young elf looked down at her map, then up at his blindfold.  She blushed in the moonlight.

“Well, if you must know, I am actually looking for a special flower.  The Dragon Lilly of legend.  It is well known among elfish culture.”

“Ah, the special flower of the two dragon lovers.  I see.  I see.  And who, pray tell, is the special interest that would benefit from the flower as well?”  She quickly rolled the map and put it back into her jerkin.

“To be honest, I have no one.”  She looked around and saw no one else around.  Slyl took another look at her.  She wasn’t ugly, nor did she seem to be an outcast.  So why would she not have at least someone in mind for the Dragon Lilly?  Before he could continue the chat, he felt something pierce into his mind.  It was a dark, sinister presence.  He screamed in pain and immediately fell to the ground.  He heard the young elf maiden’s cry of alarm.  His magic sight grew dark and for the first time in his life he was truly blind.

He tried to fight back against the dark presence, but to no avail.  In the mid of the darkness, he remembered his mother’s council that Mystics could overcome any darkness, no matter what.  So, he reached within himself and took hold of the light of the moon that protects all Mystics from dark and corrupting presences.  After a few minutes, the darkness receded from his mind, obviously having not found what it was looking for.  His magic sight slowly returned to him and the details of the world came slowly back into focus.

He found that he was on the ground, and so was the elf maiden.  Her eyes were just barely opening as he was starting to get up.  Just after he dusted his clothes off, Anoron and a group of elves turned around the bend of the hedge walls of the estate.

“Slyl!  Are you alright?!”  They asked as the 4 of them rushed to his side.

“Yes, yes, I’m perfectly well.”  Slyl chided as he looked over at Anoron and the other elves.  “Did you feel anything strange?”  He asked them.

“If by something strange, you mean dark, yes, we did feel it.  We were on our way to check up on you when something powerful came over our minds.  But soon it had vanished and we recovered enough to rush over and find you dusting yourself off.”  He looked over at the young elf on the ground. “And who’s your friend?”

“I don’t know.  She hasn’t revealed her name.  But I think that she would benefit traveling with us; at least, for a short while.”  Slyl managed to say as the elf on the floor began to get up.

“What?”  She asked, ignoring the massive amounts of dust on her clothes.

“Well, it would be a nice change for the men, but I think she’d need her own tent.”  Anoron nodded as he motioned for the other three to surround their new companion.

“Whoa!  What you’re telling me is that I’m joining your filthy lot?”  She exclaimed as the three elf swordsmen cut off her venues of escape.

“What Slyl says, happens.  It’s the law of our group.”  Anoron explained.  “Don’t worry though, you’ll be trained by Cisero, he’s the head over the archers.  He would love to round out his squad to an even number.”

“Before you take her,” Slyl began to say, “have her tell us her name.”  He then looked at her.  The young elf looked and knew that her prospects of escape weren’t good.  Impossible, since Slyl could dispatch of her fairly easily since she didn’t have a magic aura.  It was then that her body finally relaxed.

“Iris, the name’s Iris, Mr. Myhrz.”  She said and gave a very sarcastic curtsy.  Slyl smiled approvingly.

“There, we’ll purchase her a tent of her own.  Give her also two helpings.  She has given me an idea of our next target.”  Slyl said as he turned back to Anoron.

“And what would that be?”  Anoron asked, knowing that he wouldn’t like the answer.  Slyl waited until the young elf got out of sight and earshot before responding.

“We are going to go after the Dragon Lilly.”

“Are you mad?  Those mountains are dangerous.  Besides, I think that we’re getting closer to Inquibin, which would mean to our band a lot more than some mythical flower.”  Anoron exclaimed.

“Hear me out brother.  If the flower really does exist, which it probably does, it would be worthwhile for us to obtain it.”  He then put his arm around Anoron’s shoulders and started to walk with him around the hedge wall.  “It might give us the powerful edge that we would need against Inquibin, if the rumors are true and he is indeed a Black Mystic.  If it isn’t, then we have a band that is really and truly ready to take on the Fallen Templar head on.  It is the perfect training exercise.”  Slyl said with a slight squeeze.  “Besides, if we continue after the Fallen Templar at this point,” Slyl added, “then we’ll lose our advantage of being known as a bunch of thieves to them.”  This made Anoron nod in agreement.

“These are all very valid points.  But how did you get that idea from the young elf in the first place?”  He asked of Slyl in a very sly voice.  “Or, did she ‘give’ it to you?”  He said while raising his eyebrows in a smirky way.

“She talked about it, that it is her quest, and I remember Archile and Torrín had the same quest.  Also after that encounter with that dark presence, I figured that it would be within our best interest, especially if that dark presence was indeed Inquibin.”  Slyl said with a firm voice.  “And SHE didn’t give it to me that way.”  He added as he shook Anoron a bit.  His friend teasingly smiled and put up his hands in defeat.

“As you say, sir.  Now, will she prove useful is the real question.  Or will she perish?”  Slyl didn't answer that question.  In fact, he wasn't sure any of them wouldn't perish in the Unchartable Mountains, but to him, it was worth a shot.
Light in the Darknes Chapter 1
Well, this is a continuation of a story that I started a while ago.  Well, this will actually please a number of people to be honest.  One of my friends wanted me to make a story about Slyl Myhrz and another wanted to see one of my short stories, "The Dragon Flower" to become a story, so I mixed the two haha.  If you want to know, for future reference, this takes place between books one and two of the Archadian Chronicles.  Anyways, I hope you enjoy it!

Comments and Critiques are welcome!  5 More Chapters to go!
The History of Archadia as according to Black Fang, the Head Arknai of the Society of Dragons.  Published for the benefit of all the inhabitants thereof.

Note: I, Black Fang, Head Arknai of the Society of Dragons, have been felt impressed to write and then distribute an abridged history of Archadia, the world in which we now reside.  I have attained my sources from both written accounts and also consultations with that of the elder members Mystic Tribes and also through magical divination and experimentation.  This may or may not be an accurate depiction of the events of Archadia, but it is as accurate as can be ascertained with present knowledge and magical abilities.  I swear that it is written by my own talon and not by that of those who would wish to disrupt the coming forth of essential knowledge.

Chapter 1: The Formation of Archadia

As far as can be best attested, Archadia is approximately 350,000 years old, but could be older.  It started out as a collection of unorganized matter floating in the reaches of the void.  A group of dimensional plane walkers known as the Greeshians (better known in mythology as Titans), came looking for a new world to settle and ultimately created Archadia.

The origins of the Greeshians are unclear because they came into our plane from a different dimension and so I cannot extend my vision to them; however, from their history and dealings here, their origins could be deduced inaccurately.  Because this history is supposed to be free from as many errors as possible, I will just quickly create a hypothetical for their origins.

From their interactions with the Lorik Dragons (to be further explained in the next chapter), we could assume that they were a warrior people.  The Greeshians were probably banished from their own plain for being too powerful and manipulative as well as blood thirsty.  When they came to our plane there were only about 6 of them.  The rest of their kind probably are scattered through all the dimensions and are called by different names.

When the original 6 came, they found the matter that would soon form our home, and used spells unbeknownst to any modern magic user or ancient magic scholar in order to form what they called Archadia, after their old home.  It was found in a stone on Mount Everstine, written in their ancient script, that their home plane was nearly destroyed in a cataclysmic event and they were scattered.  They wanted some semblance of home and called their new world and the surrounding dimension after their home.  The authentication of the stone is accurate and now resides in the private library of the Head Arknai.  Shortly forming the world, they soon reshaped the land scape to better fit their likings, and also formed the current volcano of Mount Everstine and made the surrounding continent their homeland and soon populated their homeworld.

Chapter 2: The Greeshians and the Lorik Dragons

After about 2,500 years of peace and prosperity upon their new world, the Greeshian population multiplied and filled the continent which they named “Greeshia”, which is where their names originally came from, for before they were indeed called Titans but abandoned the title.  Their solace in the world was soon to be short lived.  The Lorik Dragons came from their own dimension and came to live in Archadia.

From what can be told about the Lorik Dragons, is that they had a similar experience as the Greeshians and were just as powerful.  The biggest difference between the two, however, is that the Lorik Dragons purposefully separated themselves to populate multiple dimensions that were already colonized by another race.  The precedent of those other dimensions is that they will eventually assimilate with the local races and create the diverse forms of dragons that populate the multiverse.

They were not welcomed with open arms by the civilization of the Greeshians, and as such the Lorik Dragons had to reside on a different Continent in order to not be wiped out by the superior numbers and military might of the Greeshians.  They called their continent Loria, after their own home world.  After about two centuries the Greeshians finally travel across the ocean to see what the Lorik Dragons were up to.

They discovered that they had created their own country with a military.  They also found that the Lorik Dragons populated their lands at an alarming rate and as such the two factions would war in a series of engagements that would never truly end.

Within the first 1,000 years of the Lorik Dragons Arriving, the first 500 major conflicts had happened and there was arising a new species upon the planet.  The Lorik Dragons Descendants and the Greeshian Descendants were slowly growing sick of the wars that their fathers had been fighting and lived on their own continent that was uninhabited.  They didn’t name it, but was called by both the Lorik Dragon and Greeshian societies alike “Junkast”.  The resulting mingling of the two races on Junkast created the new species of Dragons called Greeshian Dragons, taking the powers of the Greeshians and adding it to that of the Lorik Dragons.

At 4,000 years after the founding of Archadia, the Lorik Dragons and the Greeshians were still entangled in a massive war for dominance while the Greeshian Dragons continued to develop their own society and also their own powers and perceptions.  There was already a change happening among the Greeshian Dragons, probably because of the amount of magic that was being released in the conflict that was starting to change the world forever.  

So at exactly 10,000 years after the creation of Archadia, the Greeshians and Lorik Dragons were preparing for the final battle to be held at the base of Mount Everstine, which was then called Mount Hishban.  Simultaneously, the last of what we call the Greeshian Dragons have died out, and the new Archadian Dragons emerging.  These dragons saw the conflict between their ancestors and found it deplorable.  With their grander powers, they put an end to the conflict and inevitably wiped out both the Greeshians and the Lorik Dragons.  Finding their new powers atrocious, yet intriguing, the Archadian Dragons, which they had named themselves, reformed much of the landscape.  However, as with every instance of great power, two sides would form.

Chapter 3: The Titanic Shift

At about 11,000 years after the creation of Archadia, an event happened that would splinter the Archadian Dragons and set off a series of events that would give rise to our current age.

Even with current spells and archaeological evidence being dredged up, it is unclear what this Titanic Shift truly was.  The best theory, though, would be the Greeshians had left a little present from their deaths.  An unbeknownst spell that was laid at the foundation of the world that would destroy it after the last of the Greeshians was to have perished.

The Archadian Dragons found out almost too late.  The world was tearing asunder.  As such, a small group of their most skilled sorcerers came together and held the world together.  The result of it, though, was the loss of their lives, and the leadership of the civilization.

When the 6 ended the Titanic Shift, disputes came about as to best handle their immense powers.  One group wanted to keep the world as a haven for their future creations and have a minimalistic impact on them.  The other, adversely, wanted to create slaves that would help them conquer other worlds in the dimensions, for they had grown power-hungry.  Thus the two split into two different orders on two different continents.  The Mysticalyn Order and Dreaglan Order, the former wanting to be guardians while the latter conquerors.

Chapter 4: Beginning of Creation

The members of the Mysticalyn Order grew some specific characteristics because of their mindset.  We will call these 12,000 years before the New Archadian Order, They developed and became what is known as the Elemental Dragons, or Noble Dragons as mythology calls them.  Conversely, the Dreaglan Order developed dark and devastating powers.  They renamed themselves the Apocalyptic Dragons, or the Doom Dragons as mythology knows them as.

At about 10,000 YBNA, the Elemental Dragons created the first race.  This race was created from the energies for the Moon, and as such was granted the same longevity as their creators.  Unlike most creations by dragons, they had no draconic characteristics whatsoever.  They are what we call now the Mysticals, but their original name was the Everivians. They had lesser power than the Elemental Dragons, and sadly had to restore their magical powers through the aid of the moon, but they were indeed a powerful race.  They revered their creators and loved them.  

About 100 years later, the Apocalyptic Dragons made their own creations.  Unlike the Elemental Dragons, they made their creations solely from their own power.  They are what we call Demons, but were named then Dreagons.  They were similar to the Everivians in such they were humanoid and held great magical power.  However, they had wings, claws and tails as those of their creators.  They also had their souls in what is called a soulstone, which gave them increased magical power, but the inability to easily pro-create.  They put these soulstones on staffs.  Their powers are derived the same darkness and destructiveness as their creators.  Thus this started the conflict and natural volatility of the Everivians and the Dreagons.

Chapter 5: The Armestian War

Within short time, at about 7,000 YBNA, the Humans and Uronocs were created as well to aid their creations.  The humans haven’t changed since their creation, except for their mythologies.  The Uronocs were created by the Apocalyptic Dragons in order to bolster the ranks of their own creations.  Uronocs were created for war.  They stood at 7 feet tall easily.  They also more closely resembled their creators, but had only one eye.  They also had multiple stages of maturity, but had no gender and thus did not reproduce the normal way that the other three creations could.

After long periods of population boom, and in the case of the Apocalyptic Dragons, military growth, the two factions became uneasy with each other.  At 500 YBNA, the Apocalyptic Dragons forcibly reformed the planet once again.  They took their continent and smashed it into the others, thus making the Unchartable Mountains as we know them now.  This sparked the battle of Armestia, a major city filled with Everivians and Humans.  This sparked what is known as the Armestian War.

Despite being caught off-guard, the Elemental Dragons and their creations quickly got ready for war, with much thanks to the humans.  (I must also note that the Uronocs have no magical ability and rely only on strength and numbers.  The humans, conversely, have both magical potential and crafting which set them apart much more.)  The humans created great machines of war.  I can’t even recount the number of spears crafted, the swords and armors forged, nor of their quality.  It is truly a long lost art.  This was total war, unlike the Greeshian Wars before; this one was apparently the war for dominance.  It would not end until one or both sides were wiped out.  The Mysticalyn Ranks were number far fewer than the Dreaglan Ranks.  And at the beginning, prospects were not in their favor.

At 4 YBNA, the leader of the Dreagons mysteriously vanished, along with hundreds of Uronoc Eggs.  The Leader of the Apocalyptic Dragons also mysteriously died.  It was assumed that the raid in the mountains had killed them all.  Nevertheless, this was a major turning point in the Armestian War.

At 2 YBNA came the last major battle of the Armestian War.  They chose the plains, in what is now called Imonia among the humans, as the final battling place.  50 dragons from each side along with every able bodied being came to battle that would last for 5 weeks.  IN the end, only 4 Elemental Dragons survived and only 5 Everivians and 10 Humans, The opposing side was completely and utterly wasted.  Some indications, though, point to that some Dreagons and Uronocs survived, but were subsequently banished to other realms and soon died out there.

Chapter 6: The New Archadian Order

With the end of the Armestian War also came a new order of things, Firstly, the Elemental Dragons decided to separate the remaining Humans and Everivians by putting them both in the western most part of the super continent made during the war.  They put humanity by the mountains, and the Everivians in the Mystic Forest, hence their new name of Mysticals.

At about 10 NA, the remaining four Elemental Dragons became the Four Dragon Gods as we know them today.  They are Histan, Dragon of Fire, Junkast, Dragon of Earth, Jira, Dragoness of Water, and Helia, Dragoness of Air; two males and two females.  They looked over humanity and the mysticals for centuries to come.

At about 200 NA, the Four Dragon Gods were saddened by the slow progress of reproduction among the Mysticals and Humans, and as such gave humanity the gift of Creation.  This was a temporary gift and was more of a spell.  It allowed the humans to unwittingly create new creatures and new beings as well as diseases.  From their dreams, the humans created the Orcs, Trolls, Goblins, Dragons, lycanthropy, vampirism, basilisks, sea serpents, and all manner of life.  Eventually, the tribal human system discovered their new ability and as such created two new races from conscious effort: First sprung forth the Elves.  Lithe and strong, they were the allies of the humans.  They stood at the same height and even had the same desires and goals.  However, they tended to live longer than the humans and worked very well with wood.  Next were the Dwarves.  Stout and sturdy, they were also the allies of the humans.  They stood much shorter than the elves and humans.  They worked wonders in both metal and medicine.  However, they could become adept fighters, if it came to it.

From this, the Humans thought of the idea of a magical ruler of the world of Archadia in order to work with the dragon gods for the welfare of the people.  However, Jira thought that the humans were not mature enough and convinced her brethren and they set into motion a trial.  They crafted a scenario and created a prophecy for who the ruler would be.  Once crafted and written, they placed it in the care of the Mysticals.  The humans, who were in a tribal state at the time, had decided to come together and rise up a royal family.

The Dragon Gods felt that this was a step in the correct direction and blessed the royal bloodline with a special birthmark.  It was a brown crown that would be on the chest of all members of the family that were to inherit the throne.  Thus their prophetic makings would be furthered.

Unbeknownst to the Elemental Dragons, there was a man named Myln whom had discovered some of the soul stones that were left over from the Armestian war.  The man decided to name them ‘moon gems’ and crafted fine jewelry from them.  He accidentally found out their properties and the ability to store the souls of living beings through the help of a human magician.

One day, he became the first human to have seen a Mystical since the end of the Armestian War.  For some strange reason, he grew jealous of the beings, knowing from legend about their prowess and immortality.  He in his anger created a Black Mystical.  These foul beings are the exact opposite of the Mysticals.  They gain their magic from a new moon instead of the full moon, thus re-creating the same dark magical energies of the Dreagons.  They, however, don’t have as long of lives as either Dreagons or Mysticals.  Only 500 years or so, if they don’t kill each other that is.  

The new being called himself after his creator, Myln.  From there he influenced him to separate humans from their counterparts whom spoke in the same language of Mystic, and created a new language as well as writing system.  The later generations of humans who would adopt this language would call it Myln, after its creator.  Then the Black Mystical would corrupt his mind into creating from the left over soul stones what would be known as the Three Rings of Myln.  The first was the Ring of Souls, it had the capacity to steal the soul out of another living being, and then the wearer of the ring would then have complete dominance over the soulless being.  The second ring was the Ring of Fire.  In conjunction with the Ring of Souls, it would burn and torment the soul that was placed into it, eventually leaving nothing left of the being.  The last ring was the Ring of Darkness.  This one is probably the most deplorable ring of the three.  If the wearer is not dark in heart, then the ring would corrupt its host.  It also went in conjunction with the Ring of Souls to corrupt any soul within it.  The longer a soul was in it, the more corrupted they’d become until that soul would be released of its own accord and became a shadow-weaver, dark horrible creatures that feast on other beings souls.

When this was done with the help of the dark magic of the Black Mystic, he took the rings and fled from Myln’s humble abode and incited more humans to create more of the foul Black Mystics, who then in turn fled with him into the forest until they found their own spot and grew their own kingdom.

Myln found upon waking the next morning that the rings were gone, and that Myln the Black Mystic had left as well.  He soon grew out of this corrupted state and realized what he had created and unleashed.  He had already submitted the language to the royal family, who had adopted the language for the new language of the Humans, Elves and Dwarves.  As such, he took the Moon Gem jewelry that he had and took it to the Mysticals and offered them as gifts to them.  The Sam Tribe, or the leaders of the Mystics, thanked him and allowed him to live among them.  He died peacefully decades later.

At about 550 NA, the Dragon Gods found the Black Mystics thriving in the southern part of the continent and grew furious.  They took the spell from off the humans that allowed them to create; convinced that they had abused it and would abuse it again in the future if they so choose to.  The humans knew this right away and grew furious, and allied themselves with the Black Mystics and formed a whole kingdom called Everstine and plotted on how to exact revenge on their creators.

This first Black Mystic Myln was very influential in this process and as such found a whole, unbroken Soul Stone that used to belong to a Dreagon Mage.  He took and altered it so that it would be able to imprison not only soul, but body as well.  He then gave it to his son before his passing.

At 1,027 NA, this alliance made an assault on Mount Everstine where the Elemental Dragons were residing.  Unwilling to utterly annihilate their creations known as Humans, they set into motion a spell upon the royal family, and changed the birthmark to include all members of the royal family.  They then weaved a spell that would only come to fruition during the greatest time of need for a unified leadership of both Human and Mystics.  They then willingly became the sacrifice and got trapped into what is called today “The Orb of Dragons”.  The humans and Black Mystics then cheered and celebrated that night.  However, unbeknownst to them, the Mystics grieved for they know the Dragon Gods, and they took the orb and hid it in a cavern deep within their territory, and then they gave a copy of their book to the Humans and hid up the other with a Shaman guardian of the Mysticals that would keep it safe and had him hide among the dragons.

The Mystics new that the only way to release them was to obtain both Black Mystic and Mystic powers, but there was no being that could do that, except for the future prophesied one, the one that would release the Dragon Gods from their Prison and become the Magical Ruler of Archadia.

The humans upon receiving and reading the prophecy, for they still knew Mystic, grew sorrowful and then tried to copy down the prophecy.  However, half-way through the transcription, the book was destroyed by the Black Mystics, thankful for the fact that the Dragon Gods were gone.  The humans, furious, sent the Black Mystics back to their corner of the continent.

Chapter 7: The Age without the Dragon Gods

The following years, counted as the ADG, would be filled with turmoil, sorrow, warfare, and bloodshed.  The Dragons would unite as a race and form the Dragon Society based on a Caste system.  The leaders would be the Arknai, the Dracos would be the normal caste, and the Outlaws and Banish-ees would become known as the Dreknals.  And now, at the Year 7,500ADG, I make and end of this record, for the finer details would prove to be too long in the 7,500 years in between the banishing of the gods and the writing of a compiled history.  So to whom it may concern, read and be filled, knowing that the Shaman now lives with me, and that the record of the prophecy which he holds I also hold dear to my heart.  And that the many kingdoms upon the face of Archadia will one day be re-united with their makers in bliss and happiness for the lengthy reign of the Prophesied One.
Another history book, maybe
Well, this is a project that I worked on and it explains quite a bit and maybe gives some spoilers >.>;  It's also a teaser I guess haha.  Well, really it is a history of one of my novels' universes written from one of those residents.  Well, that's about all, so I hope you enjoy!

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