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Well, fell free to browse. Comments and Criticism are welcome.:icondragonnod1:


Moonlight Angel by Soldiers-of-Legacy

Well, this is my first critique, so here I go! Well, overall you did pretty awesome with this piece of work. The colors blend well and ...



EDIT: (The livestream had no one, so I'll try again tonight at 5 or 6.)

Will be happening here shortly!  Sorry it's a bit late, but is no longer a free service :(

My gaming will happen on this channel (because it's free!)
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Yes I'm still alive everyone.  Well, I have some updates to give everyone so yeah, here they go!

I'm still working, and my new computer is still awesome.  I also got addicted somewhat to a new series of books that I discovered at our local library.  The book was called "Dragon Champion", it is book one of the Age of Fire series, written by E.E. Knight.  The series is actually pretty good.  They are told entirely from the perspective of dragons, which is amazing.  However, sadly after reading the first book I got hooked, and our library only had that one book, so I had to buy them on my phone's kindle app.  I spent $6 per book on 5 other novels and 3 dollars on a short book.  I thought it was worth it.  Worth enough to binge read them for about 3 weeks, haha.  Anyways, I really suggest reading them, even if the editor didn't know what they were doing, and if the number of mistakes grew as the series went on.  Oh, and the first three books are actually written to be stand alone books, where you could technically read them in any order and not miss a thing. Anyways, it's truly great, so all of you that watch me and like dragons, or want some inspiration of how to write from a dragon's perspective, I highly recommend this series.

Anyways, I am also going to be working a lot with my sketches and turning them digital.   I will also be livestreaming them this weekend.  Yes I have it all set up, so it should be great.  I think I'll work on some of my newer items first, and it should be an all day event Saturday.   Might also take a break from drawing and play some StarCraft, and show you my lack of skills against the Platinum Players that Blizzard thinks that I can play against....  If any of you have SC2, I'll gladly play against or with you, whichever you prefer!  But that's only if everyone will be willing to watch that is haha.  It would probably be one or two games.  I might even go onto the original starcraft and showcase one of my balanced custom maps that are awesome.  I'm pretty good at StarCraft BW, but SC2 with live people, that's a different story.  Anyways, I'll probably start the livestream at about 10:00am PST.  It would be great to see some people there!  I'll even talk, lol.

Oh, and I'll also upload a map of a book that I'm working on.  It'll be a stand alone novel.  I plan on self publishing it by the end of 2015 to mid 2016, depending on how soon I get to work on it.  I'm on page 77.  I also have an artist to help design the cover.  :iconfeatherbutttm: has kindly obligued!  Now I just have to get the lead out and continue the Novel!  I wish I hadn't started it on a notebook, lol.

Other than that, nothing else is new.  Take care all of you!  And remember, Nexus is watching you! (lol)
  • Mood: Zeal
  • Listening to: Random things
  • Reading: Nothing (for now!)
  • Watching: Random objects in time and space
  • Playing: Heroes of the Storm Beta
  • Eating: food
  • Drinking: WATER!
ace Coalition «Escort Units» :

-RCS Zurück Linds:

Ship: Heidnisch-Class Carrier

The RCS Zurück Linds was commissioned in 2275 GD to be the one and only Heidnisch-Class of Carriers.  These carriers aren’t meant for front line assaults or invasion support.  They are a small ship that carries a squadron of 8 fighters and have Inter-Space jump capabilities.  The Race Coalition, after its formation, needed a federal way of protecting multiple of its assets from pirate raids that were becoming more and more common.  The RCS Zurück Linds was determined to be one of the three ships that would answer this call.  Of course, the board of military defense didn’t think that a carrier alone would be able to ward off pirate raids, especially from the Liberators of the Fold, so they instituted two new destroyers as well from the new Suchen-Class of ships.  The crew on the RCS Zurück Linds and the fighter crew as well, are the people that are deemed “Disposable”.

-RCS Zurück Linds Crew:

Ki-ma (race: Krimo-lan. rank: Captain Call-sign: “Chief”)
Ki-ma used to be one of the naval captains of the Galactic United Nations Defense Forces and served upon the GUNS Kill-a-lo.  After the Second Galactic War, however, he was transferred by the newly formed Race Coalition to rear guard duty upon the newly commissioned RCS Zurück Linds.  He hates his new job babysitting the pilots of the fighters in his small carrier, and hates that fact despite his capabilities for front line action against the Liberators of the Fold as he used to enjoy upon his battleship GUNS Kill-a-lo, he now has to command a bunch of rejects, and hates his new designation as “chief” by the rest of the task force.
Jirro Killai (race: Uortian.  rank: Chief Warrant Officer 2 Call-sign: “Gears”)
Jirro Killai is the engineer on the RCS Zurück Linds that keeps what he calls “his home” in one piece.  He used to serve with Captain Ki-ma on the GUNS Kill-a-lo, but was actually booted to rear guard duty by the GUNDF before the Second Galactic War ended.  His first ship as rear-guard was the destroyer GUNS Li-ha.  When the ship is re-purposed and re-named by the Race Coalition Naval Operations Fleet to the RCS Jida’ma-lo and sent to the front lines, he was again reassigned to the RCS Zurück Linds for his record with the GUNDF for tampering with the engines a bit too much.  He also has the tendency to bite his toe-nails and throw them into the nuclear reactors for fun.

Herald Mason (race: Human. rank: Lieutenant Commander Call-sign: “Black Granite”)
Herald Mason is one of the eight pilots of the RCS Zurück Linds.  He used to be part of the United Earth Republics Naval Defense.  He was a wing commander and accidentally had most of his squadron fire upon friendly ships during the confusion and commotion during the Invasion of Earth of the Second Galactic War.  He was quickly court-martialed, but was soon snatched up before the end of his trial by the RCNOF for service upon their newest Heidnisch-class Carrier.  He flies a beat-up old VF-112 Saber instead of the newer JF-334 Lancers that the rest of the wing flies.  He is still considered the wing commander due to rank and is also reported to be addicted to stims.  He has named his Saber “Jenkins’s Revenge”.  It has served with him his whole naval piloting career.

Gerard Vinci (race: Dracomancer. rank: Ensign Call-sign: “Scales”)
Gerard Vinci is a descendant of Giovanni Vinci and was one of the best pilots in the Hymjal Navy.  However, because of a freak accident during the Second Galactic War that involved him in a Saber to crash into another friendly Saber that killed the other pilot, he had gone slightly insane and is no longer his usual self.  He will often talk to himself, and if anyone disturbs him while he talks to himself, he will literally bite them and rip his/her arm off.  This got him sent to the RCS Zurück Linds.  The new Lancers allow this Ensign to maneuver a lot better and help him avoid head-on collission with the rest of his wing.

Sara Jinkum (race: Nanomorph. rank: Lieutenant Call-sign: “Siren“)
Sara Jinkum wasn’t a pilot, nor did she ever get clearance to fly the JF-334.  She used to be a lower bridge support officer and also an impromptu medic during the Second Galactic War.  She served on the VSS Gunwhale, a Battleship that assisted in the Battle for Zinfadel.  Her ship got utterly destroyed when she was the last remaining ranked officer on the ship and she accidentally put in the wrong entry-path into an opened Inter-Space wormhole.  The Lower Bridge survived, but the rest of the crew and military personell were killed, leaving her and three remaining Junior Lieutenants stuck on the bridge until another ship rescued them.  Because of her track record, she was incarcerated for three years until she had the option to either stay in the jail for three more years or sign up for the back lines.  She chose the back lines and has no flight experience, unlike the rest of the wing.

Ara-Plisku (race: Jinn-Lar. Rank: Chief Petty Officer Call-sign: ”Gills“)
Ara-Plisku is probably the only one of the group to have actually volunteered to be rear guard.  She being one of the few Jinn-Lar to be in the RCNOF, she was found during enlistment to have the capabilities for piloting, and so she became the pilot of her own craft.  Unlike the other races on the Zurück Linds, she needs water to breathe and can be found most often in her Full Emersion Suit at almost all times of the day.  The rest of the crew doesn’t talk to her and she doesn’t talk to them, except when they are flying as a wing.  She only talks what she has to in order to keep the others and herself alive.
Lintang Jerrs (race: Dracomancer. rank: Master Chief Petty Officer Call-sign: “Blade-Wing”)
Lintang Jerrs used be enlisted in the Velenumian Planetary Forces as a Technical Sergeant , but when the Second Galactic War was over, he re-applied to be a naval pilot and was immediately transferred to the RCNOF and assigned to the crew of the small carrier.  He is a womanizer and has been trying to lure the three only women in the wing to dating him, even the Jinn-Lar.  However, he gets slapped by all three women multiple times, despite his best arguments.  He is actually a skilled pilot, since he had piloted scorpions during the Second Galactic War.
Jess King (race: Dracomancer. rank: Ensign Call-sign: “Snake”)
Jess King used to be the biggest, nerdiest girl in the Navy command structure.  She was first assigned to the GUN Orbital Station Leviathan.  She was in charge of the battery defenses of Beta 57-x during the Second Galactic War. When Velenumia broke through and destroyed the GUNOS Leviathan, she had already escaped in an escape pod and was picked up by Velenumian Forces.  However, she escaped multiple times before she was finally assigned as rear guard by the RCNOF.  She can often be found quoting old Earth references and can even be found playing RPGs on her Personal Combat Computer, or PCC for short, also known as a poly.  She secretly likes Lintang, but will never admit to it in front of the others, nor to Lintang himself because of their different social paths.

Se-mi (race: Krimo-lan. Rank: Junior Lieutenant Call-sign: “Shellshock”)
For being a Krimo-lan, Se-mi is pretty large and also used to serve on the GUNS Kill-a-lo as one of Ki-ma’s navigators.  His knowledge of Inter-Space theory is astronomical and also experimental.  He once almost imploded a star during his service on the GUNS Kill-a-lo, and was transferred almost immediately to the GUNDF back lines program, and has been there ever since.  When he accidentally crashed his Cruiser into an asteroid field, he was then re-assigned to the cheaper RCS Zurück Linds and was placed as a pilot of his own JF-334 which he has dubbed “Shell Breaker”.  He actually shows a natural talent for being able to calculate exactly where enemy ordinance is going to show up and uses his knowledge of Inter-Space to his advantage in re-sending the enemy ordnance back at them.

Hyth Maez (race: Angal-Hishn. rank: Airman Recruit Call-sign: “Viper”)
Hyth Maez is the first of many naval pilots from the newly formed Angal-Hishn nation of “Alpha Republic”, which was surprisingly passed by the War Chief Council of the Angal-Hishn.  Not much is known about him since he keeps quiet, but he looks up to Ki-ma as a kind of replacement Class Chief, since he used to be of the Dragon Rider Tribe and also the Dragon Rider Class.  He chose to be a pilot in order to keep flying as he used to.  It is said that he keeps a skull of one of the rebels during the Alpha IV Uprising that happened shortly after the formation of the Alpha Republic hanging in his bunk’s room.  No one dares mess with him, nor his self-styled JF-334, which he painted to look like a dragon and calls “The Vispral”.

-RCS Fangen and RCS Finden

Ships: Suchen-class Destroyers
The twin ships of the RCS Fangen and RCS Finden were both commissioned in 2275 GD along with the RCS Zurück Linds.  The Race Coalition’s Board of Military Defense thought that the Heidnisch-class Carrier could never conquer even a single stealth ship of the Liberators of the Fold.  So, the RCS Zurück Linds was the first and last of the Heidnisch -class carriers, while the rest of the carriers in the RCSNOF are larger Judicator-class Carriers that are loaded with more fighters, bombers and transports than what a Heidnisch-class could dream of holding.  However, instead of creating an expensive Judicator-class Carrier for the newly established “Back Lines Project”, they created a cheap Heidnisch-class and decided to create two new destroyers to be the “escorts” of the tiny carrier.  The destroyers are actually about twice the size of RCS Zurück Linds and also hold two squadrons of fighters, each holding 16 fighters, just in case the scale of the attack gets out of hand.  They are also equipped with brand new Beam Particle Cannons and an array of Pulse Laser turret batteries and also Continuous Laser turret batteries along with Arc Missile pods and Plasma Torpedoes.  The crews on both destroyers are actually fresh from the new Race Coalition Academy of Naval Warfare and also the Velenumia Republic Institution of Naval Officers, both very well established training and education establishments for Navy.  Both the RCS Fangen and RCS Finden were constructed by Earth Industries at the Luna Ship Yards on the Earth Moon “Luna”.  The RCS Zurück Linds was constructed by Vele Corp at the Omega Ship Yards in the Omega Star System.  Both crews of the destroyers aren’t permanently assigned to their respective ships as are the crew of the RCS Zurück Linds.  The new crews are placed there as a kind of last-step training, and are often switched out after every mission with a fresh crew.
The Back Lines Project
So, I kind of went out there and created a second set of people that later short stories might focus on.  They are pretty interesting to say the least.  The rejects off the Terran Quadrant of the Milky Way so to speak.  Once you've read it, it'd be hilarious.  Hope everyone enjoys it!
Turtles Of Doom by dragonguilders
Turtles Of Doom
Random title is random.  Anyways, this is an image that I first made in a program designed to edit historical documents, and then re-made it better in GIMP.  It's a random picture and has nothing to do with anything.  I just wanted to test out my skillz.  Comments and Critiques are welcome!
Hey everybody!  I am sorry I haven't been really doing too much on dA since I've been back.  I planned on doing more, but life just hit me in the face with a reality that you couldn't believe.  Anyways, I just wanted to give everyone an update on how the world is going on at my exact GPS coordinates.  While I'm not giving those out, I do have some stuffs

Well, I got a full time job.  I know, shocking!  I have a life again.  Anyways, I test cell phones and prep them for re-sale.  From this employment, I even got a new cell phone.  It's a smart phone.  Dell Venue.  13 dollars is an awesome discount!  And yes, Dell does make cell phones, just not as often.

Anyways, with the money that I got from said job, I have just purchased today an HP Envy laptop.  It's actually really good, according to the specs.  After I get it, I will probably do more livestreams of art, do some art, and maybe do some sort of playthrough, such as Command and Conquer 4 Tiberium twilight?  Idk.

Also, I've been trying to push a new book out of my mind and onto paper.   I'll give a quick synopsis of it, and maybe put the prologue on here as a teaser.  But that's in the future.  AS soon as I get it done, it'll be edited by my cousin and then be self published.  I really like the way that this book is going.  The title I've given it is "The Full Moon Gem".  I also have a cool idea for the cover, but I don't think I have the skill to make it, so I might be looking for someone to do it as either a gift or a commission.  If any of you are willing to help me out, it would be greatly appreciated!

Oh, and we got a hurricane.  You don't believe me?  Well good.  But, it might as well have been a hurricane.  We had 70+ MPH winds with gusts of upwards 90+.  Took down some pretty big trees, power poles, fences, roofs, and they had to shut off the power.  Coincidentally, this was the same day that I bought my new Cell Phone.  Figures.  Oh, and then we got torrential rain.  Not what you'd expect from a desert, now is it?

And in more recent new, I got a beta key for Heroes of the Storm today.  I'll be playing it now.

Anyways that's about it on my life.  Please comment so that way I know you're all alive as well, and I'll do my best to keep up with them.
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EDIT: (The livestream had no one, so I'll try again tonight at 5 or 6.)

Will be happening here shortly!  Sorry it's a bit late, but is no longer a free service :(

My gaming will happen on this channel (because it's free!)
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Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
United States

I am a somewhat new artist, I also enjoy writting and reading. I'm a really nice guy overall, but I do have my short comings. Oh, and watch out!! If you make me mad, I'll invade your page with tanks! lol!XD

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Don't be ashamed. by neooki23

I am a Latter-Day Saint, or a Mormon, and I am gone on Sunday Mornings. Just some interesting info.

░░░░░░███████ ]▄▄▄▄▄▄ PEW PEW PEW PEW

Stamp by TwiggyTeeluckAdditional Pylons by admiral-squeeDrawing in math class stamp by lizabeyDragon Brothers Stamp by GaretiemCue the Screaming Fangirls by ashesto

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